Bureau Janssen as an Agency

Where Bureau Janssen works on an hourly rate as an Interim Recruiter, Bureau Janssen as an Agency works on the basis of a success-fee.

Bureau Janssen offers:

  • Qualitative fact finding (on-site) with hiring managers, when needed sparring and ‘push-back’.
  • Job text (re)draft.
  • Advice and implementation of the right recruitment channels
  • Qualitative evaluation of all applicants
  • Written and telephonic feedback to all applicants (good for your employer reputation)
  • Direct Search via networking and social media
  • Competence-based recruiter-interviews
  • Shortlist presentation with clear candidate appraisals (on-site)
  • Guidance and organization of manager-interviews, helping to assess your findings and advice on relevant interview topics
  • Guidance and advice about testing competencies (such as ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘sense of business’, analytical ability’,…) in your interviews
  • Guidance in the offer stage including guidance on closing the deal with your new employee.
  • Estimated recruitment-time: from start recruitment procedure to signed contract (appointment date) in 2 months. Start date equals appointment date plus notice period.